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I first heard about It Works! three years ago and was skeptical about their claim to tighten, tone & firm your skin in only 45 minutes with the Ultimate Body Applicator ™.  Then one day, I saw a Facebook post of before and after pictures of women who had tried the body wraps and got amazing results. I was intrigued! I got a hold of the nearest It Works! Distributor near me and tried the body wrap myself. I had the same amazing results! After trying many different “work at home” opportunities (too many to list), I found one that really works! I’ve partnered with a company whose products attract many for vanity, but stay for their health. Everyone wants to look sexy but their desire is to be healthy. Who would pass up either of the two if given the choice?  I became an Independent Distributor with It Works! and although my first couple of checks were small, the monthly check soon tripled! Thanks to our team, lead by a “top 100 income earner” who supports, trains, mentors and motivates you to run your business your way. I am excited to help others do the same.  I speak Spanish fluently and seek to also help Spanish speaking-only women who want to bring extra-income home. Would an extra $300, $500, $1,000 or more per month change your life? I can help you get there! I am a WAHM (mom of 2) and reside in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Foundation Garments: The Shape of the Matter

Move over diamonds! You’re no longer every girl’s best friend!

Foundation garments are extremely hot commodities for women nowadays and rightfully so! A simple stretchable garment doesn’t just make a woman’s body look slimmer, smoother, and flab-free; they also have the innate ability to bestow C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!

In this day and age, instant gratification is the norm. Many have become impatient and want things done quickly, accurately, and perfectly. A foundation or shapewear garment (common name) explicitly produces these kinds of outcome that women (and men) desire.


Also known as shapewears or shrink wraps, Foundation garment is an umbrella term for articles of clothing that shapes a specific part of the body for both aesthetic and medical intentions. They have been women’s secret weapon for hotness since the mid 1500’s. One of the most famous foundation garment users was Catherine de Medici. Hers was no ordinary cincher. It was made of metal and was extremely painful to wear!


Gone are the overly uncomfortable foundation garments of yesteryears. Nowadays, these shrink wraps contours the body safely, instantly, and inexpensively!

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator™ is an exemplary foundation garment example. It can slim and tighten your target areas for as little as forty-five (45) minutes!

The Ultimate Body Applicator™ is made from a special non-woven cloth that contains a gel with natural ingredients. Once worn, the gel will penetrate the skin and mercilessly attack the unwanted fat cells. Unwanted toxins will then be released from the body. Drinking lots of water will foster the release of the said toxins.

The result? Goodbye bulges, hello gorgeous!

A firmer and well-toned body area! The Ultimate Body Applicator™ doesn’t just flatten a specific area; it helps smoothen out the superficial layer (skin) too!

Give it a try and tell us what you think! We dare you to look fabulous!


Body Wraps


Our most popular product, the Ultimate Body Applicator™ is a non-woven cloth infused with natural ingredients that safely delivers long lasting body contouring results. The Ultimate Body Applicator™ wrap can be applied to areas like the stomach, neck, arms, legs, back, thigh and chin. The gel causes a release of toxins in that area. Toxins are flushed when drinking lots of water is achieved. It is suggested that you drink lots of water while the wrap is in place and continue doing so up to 72 hours later. The body wrap will be worn for a minimum of 45 minutes (if first time) or longer if desired.


Once the wrap has been removed, skin will appear tighter, toned and firm. Results are progressive in 72 hours. We recommend you not wrap again until 72 hours have passed. Each body wrap is worn only once.  Minimal preparation is suggested prior to applying for best results.



Described as a giant sized “band-aid”, the body wrap measures approximately 21″ wide. Check out this picture!

body wrap size

The Ultimate Body Applicator™ is the Best Body Shaper!

Many of us have spent money in procedures that are invasive or non-invasive and even life-threatening. To shrink our waistline, we opt for lipo-suction, lap band or even gastric bypass, a very costly option. To look good, we buy uncomfortable underwear like girdles or even go on a “magic” diet that leaves us unsatisfied and disappointed, the least expensive options. That’s until the creation of It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator™. Thousands are joining It Works! every day!  The body wrap targets the stomach, as well as the arms, legs, back and chin. Men and women shop for this body contouring wrap because:

  • Immediate Measurable Results- the tape measure doesn’t lie! Results can be seen within 45 minutes with progressive results in 72 hours!
  • Affordable – less than a spa service. Everyone can afford the body wraps.
  • Easy to Use – gel is already applied to the wrap (one time use), throw away when done. Can be applied by yourself.
  • Discrete – no one can see that you have it on! You can wear it under your clothes. Unless, you want to advertise!
  • Convenient – no need to go somewhere to get wrapped. Do it at home.
  • Safe – the ingredients are botanically-based. No harmful ingredients. No animal by-products.
  • Promotes good health – the delivery of the ingredients targets the fat cells causing them to release toxins from your body. Hydrating – drinking water is the vehicle to help you achieve best results.

For all the reasons listed above, this makes the It Works! Body Applicator™ the best body shaper available to everyone in the US as well as Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland and many more to come.






Host An It Works! Wrap Party

This is how It Works! parties!

It’s easy, fun, inexpensive and rewarding!


Get a FREE Wrap ($25 value) for Hosting 4 or more of your friends.

Men are welcome. They can use the wraps, too! No food is required! Only water!!

This is the perfect way to Launch your It Works! business.

It’s perfect for brides to be and wedding party. Get everyone looking sexy for the big day!

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Watch this video and contact us right way if you have any questions!

You’re ready to start having fun!

  • Make cash money at every “wrap” party!
  • Set your own hours – you decide when
  • Be your own boss – you decide how

Only 3 – Steps to set up your It Works! business.

  1. Join for $99
  2. Set up your autoship (80bv)
  3. Set up your replicated website ($20 monthly) – FREE your first month!

You decide how much income to make!

Join It Works! Today

Join It Works! Today


There are many tax deductible benefits of owning your own home-based business. Consult with your CPA or tax professional to learn more.


If you speak Spanish, the market is wide OPEN! The possibilities are endless.

You might be the first distributor in your area! Wow!

If you know people in other countries, get them in! We are open to do business in Australia, UK,  Ireland , Canada and many others.



Become An It Works! Loyal Customer


Two ways to Shop:

Loyal CustomerPay Distributor’s price! Save Up to 45% on ALL your Orders – Customer agrees to shop ONE time month (minimum of 3 months) for any product of their choice. The normal membership fee of $50 is waived if customer chooses to take advantage of money saving opportunity. Other benefit includes earning “Perk” points. That’s earning 10% back on every purchase.

Retail Shopper – shop any time, any day, any product. No minimum required. No commitment.


Loyal Customer Pays $59

Retail Price $99



How To Wrap

Get Your Sexy Back

1. Clean area-(stomach, chin, legs, arms, back) – Exfoliate with a non-lanolin containing cleanser or scrub. Use a loofah to scrub. If limited on time, use rubbing alcohol. Soak a cotton ball or two and rub generously on the area to be wrapped. Allow alcohol to completely dry before applying body wrap. Why we exfoliate? To open pores allowing maximum delivery of Defining gel.

2. Take a picture from the neck down. Don’t panic! A picture is worth thousand-words!

3. Measure – we measure in 3 areas: a)2inches above belly button, b)on the belly button and c)2inches below the belly button. Follow the same format for measuring for other body parts.
Use a black/blue sharpie marker as a guide of where to place tape measure.

4. Apply Body Wrap – carefully unfold The Ultimate Body Applicator™ wrap and apply with the gel side on the skin. Use plastic wrap or a waist band to hold wrap in place. DO NOT do anything that may cause you to SWEAT as this will not allow Defining gel to be absorbed.

5. Drink Water – only water! – Drink lots of water throughout the process. Relax for 45 minutes. Take this time to read, nap or watch your favorite TV show.

6. Remove body wrap – rub in left over Defining gel on skin until completely absorbed.

7. Measure again- measure again using the same guide as Step 3. This where the sharpie marker comes in place. Place tape measure on the marked spots.

8. Take another picture from the neck down. Voila! You’re done!

Remember, results are progressive in 72 hours. Everyone achieves different results. While some get instant results, others achieve them during the 72 hours after wrapping. DO NOT give up. Keep using the wraps every 72 hours until you achieve desired results.

It Works! Body Wraps en Espanol – Resultados En 45 Minutos!

It Works! Body Wraps ~ Trabaja Como Magia En Solo 45 Minutos!

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