How To Wrap

Get Your Sexy Back

1. Clean area-(stomach, chin, legs, arms, back) – Exfoliate with a non-lanolin containing cleanser or scrub. Use a loofah to scrub. If limited on time, use rubbing alcohol. Soak a cotton ball or two and rub generously on the area to be wrapped. Allow alcohol to completely dry before applying body wrap. Why we exfoliate? To open pores allowing maximum delivery of Defining gel.

2. Take a picture from the neck down. Don’t panic! A picture is worth thousand-words!

3. Measure – we measure in 3 areas: a)2inches above belly button, b)on the belly button and c)2inches below the belly button. Follow the same format for measuring for other body parts.
Use a black/blue sharpie marker as a guide of where to place tape measure.

4. Apply Body Wrap – carefully unfold The Ultimate Body Applicator™ wrap and apply with the gel side on the skin. Use plastic wrap or a waist band to hold wrap in place. DO NOT do anything that may cause you to SWEAT as this will not allow Defining gel to be absorbed.

5. Drink Water – only water! – Drink lots of water throughout the process. Relax for 45 minutes. Take this time to read, nap or watch your favorite TV show.

6. Remove body wrap – rub in left over Defining gel on skin until completely absorbed.

7. Measure again- measure again using the same guide as Step 3. This where the sharpie marker comes in place. Place tape measure on the marked spots.

8. Take another picture from the neck down. Voila! You’re done!

Remember, results are progressive in 72 hours. Everyone achieves different results. While some get instant results, others achieve them during the 72 hours after wrapping. DO NOT give up. Keep using the wraps every 72 hours until you achieve desired results.


  1. Adrianna says:

    I want to try this!

    • Veronica Egurrola says:

      Hi Adrianna, contact me at (818)331-0862 so I can give you more info and get you wrapped!

  2. Shymia P says:

    I want to try it is this free

    • Veronica Egurrola says:

      Hi Shymia, You can get “wrapped” for Free, if you host a wrap party. Must have at least 4 of your friends attend. Let me know if you want to host a ‘wrap party’!

      • Ivette Rosario says:

        I would like to host a wrap party ASAP,. Does it cost to host one? & do u receive a free wrap only if a party member purchases a wrap?

        • Veronica Egurrola says:

          Hi Ivette, hosting a wrap party is fun, easy and you get rewarded! You get a Free wrap for hosting! Just get 4 or more of your friends together! Call me or text me at (818)331-0862 to book it!

  3. adaliris cumba says:

    I want to try it, but how much is it?

    • Veronica Egurrola says:

      Hi Adaliris, sorry for the late reply. Please find me on FB as Bellyshrinkwraps ~ Skinny Wraps by Vee. I answer all questions there quickly.
      This is regarding the It Works Body wrap.

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